INVEST 2018 speaks of the top five global business destinations for meetings, congresses, exhibitions, business events, incentive travel and corporate hospitality and of an FDI global hot spot that’s Germany’s second largest city.

There’s also must-know developments on those organisations driving the agendas in their respective fields. Of particular note here is Invest 2018’s shining of the spotlight on to Dublin Port, the gateway to Western Europe, which is currently undergoing a transformational redevelopment to meet a huge year-on-year increase in demand.

Invest 2018 also talks of compliance and of the fact that there is no longer anywhere to hide from the long arm of the law. Good to know then, that the likes of the Cook Islands and Antigua exist out there to provide evidence of international finance centres’ forces for good credentials, contrary to popular belief. Welcome news too, that Vertex Inc has engineered nothing short of a revolution in the tax arena by unifying all data into a single platform.

There are, in fact, many reasons to be cheerful: Not least that diversity and inclusion are finally nearing the top of the political and corporate agendas and that many economies are edging ever further away from the pits of despair that marked them for much of the last decade.

Still, sometimes, it’s a good thing to take your medicine, for it’s a more measured investor that’s come out the other side, such that the case for investment must these days be a compelling one. Be prepared, then, to question your investment criteria and to look beyond the usual suspects. To set you on your way, Invest 2018 includes analyses of the merits of TCO, gold and of the ‘just-in-time’ methodology. All very important stuff to know in this fascinating year to come.